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When you stop to think about it, your career and your relationships are the most important part of your life.  A 50 year-long study out of Harvard has shown that meaningful relationships are the single most important contributor to our mental, physical and emotional health and well-being.  In other words, good relationships are critical to our happiness.   Of course, our career is also extremely important.  In fact, the type of job we have matters a lot.  Its importance extends far beyond salary.  Job satisfaction is closely linked to overall happiness.  While this may all sound like common sense, it’s a whole different story when it comes to putting theory into practice.   As it turns out, a sound relationship take lots of work.  The same is true about your career.     And when it comes to success, we now know we aren’t happy because we are successful; rather we are successful because we are happy.

Because it is so important to get our career and relationship right, I have spent a great deal of time training to be the best I can possibly be as a career and relationship coach.  The strength of one influences the strength of the other.  Very much so.  Since so many new discoveries are being made in the area of neuroscience and positive psychology, my work is always evolving and adapting to integrate the best training and coaching techniques out there into my career coaching and relationships coaching.   Some ask how can you do both? I say, how can I not do both?

"Eddie helped me learn how to strengthen and build up my core of inner strengths. When I wanted to learn more about happiness and peace of mind, Eddie was exceptionally skilled and knowledgable. He showed me techniques and strategies that actually work. In addition, he introduced me to the basics of neuroscience and how I could hardwire myself to feel confident, secure and happy with who I am. I would highly recommend Eddie for anyone seeking to improve their personal or professional relationships. "
Eugene testimonial
Eugene Gaenslen
I want to thank you Eddie for all your help with my life coaching needs ! I wasn't sure if this was the right thing for me but after working with you and all the tools you've giving me going forward I'm glad I did ! I hope to use your tools in different phases of my life and plan to navigate my business and personal relationships accordingly . Thanks again for all your help !
Trinidad testimonial
Trinidad Frias
After the Northern California fires of 2017, I was diagnosed with PTSD. Because of the traumatic events that followed, I was under extreme stress and experienced deep depression. The consecutive years following the fires other fires prevailed and rekindled the stressful moments. I lost all of my worldly possessions and my hometown was in disarray. I felt as if my life was closing in on me and my future was very dim. The depression affected my focus in life and my relationships with family, friends and spouse were becoming non-existent. After consulting with Eddie Grassi I began to feel better. He has really been a Godsend to me, we have been working on different areas of my life that I have suppressed over the years and almost completely forgot. Interestingly enough, these areas are essential to my well being. We discovered that I have High expectations for myself almost to the point that I condemn my innermost feelings. Eddie is a great coach, very understanding and his selective questions have opened my mind and allowed me to mend my broken heart and encourage the healing process to begin. Before contacting Eddie Grassi, I was losing hope, now I have begun to establish self worth and focus more on myself and my future goals. His coaching techniques have shown me a new way to think and handle situations where prior I had no clue as to where to begin. I really enjoy the warm feeling he presents and allows me to discuss topics that I would not share with anyone. I am looking forward to working with him in the future and discovering areas that I need improvement.
Enrique testimonial
Enrique Galvez
"As parenting is a hard job, I am glad I found Eddie who can help us through this process. My son is a very competitive kid, but his fear has over took his effort. Eddie has tried many different techniques to make my son engaged in his session. After the session, my son would keep a journal with Eddie. So he can try to make progress during the week. Changing a behavior is not easy, it takes time. Eddie does not only help my son, but also helps me to build a growth mindset and works on self-compassion exercise to turn negative to positive. I would be feel more calm when thing doesn’t turn my way."
Heather testimonial
Heather Qi
Eddie Grassi Life Coach
Eddie Grassi Career & Relationship Coach

People from all walks of life and diverse cultural backgrounds come to me for help with their careers and relationships.  They want change.  They want to get up in the morning and look forward to going to work, or, in the case of a relationship, to look forward to meaningful time spent together.  For some it’s about finding their true calling with work.  In a relationship it might be finding the “one” who you want to spend the rest of your life with.   For others it’s transitioning from one career to another or advancing to the next level in a job where they feel stuck.  I love my work because I get to unlock the natural born potential in people and watch it thrive and blossom into something beautiful.   

My integrative approach to coaching is a key component to my success.  When I coach an individual, I use only evidence based outcomes to get results which means that all of the techniques and strategies I use have been scientifically proven to work in studies conducted by researchers in the field of Positive Psychology and Neuroscience.   The specific types of techniques I use are often associated with using mindfulness as a strategy to develop Emotional Intelligence or EQ.  Emotional intelligence is basically understanding how to use your emotions as an asset rather than a burden.   As an example, there are so many wonderful exercises I like to use that increase feelings of confidence, calm and contentment.   These are especially important character traits to nurture in order to cope with and respond more effectively to the stresses of our unpredictable world.  Cultivating traits such as  these can bring about a radical change in our mindset or motivation.   We can literally go from being an overly anxious, stressed out person, to one of calm and contentment.  Some call this neuroplasticity but I like to call it personal improvement.  

If this sounds too clinical for your taste, which it does to me sometimes, I like to remind everyone that I am also a big fan and practitioner of the ever popular coaching strategies found in positive psychology.   In this balanced approach of coaching,  I take a more wholistic approach to helping my clients.  Together we evaluate a set of criteria for what makes a balanced life and then figure out  the areas where we can zero in on for improvement.  We gain valuable insight into what makes a person successful and happy because the criteria is explained in simple straightforward terms.  The crucial areas which we need to be practicing are: positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning, and achievement.   It’s a beautiful thing when you can clearly discern what part of you need your full-attention and which parts are already thriving.

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